Pipe Spear

A small length of pipe given a deadly purpose...

weapon (melee)

This length of pipe has had one end that has been filed down to a bladed point, and it looks ready to create some nasty injuries.

Pipe Spear
  • Damage: 3XSTR+15+1d10
  • AP Cost: 25
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Value: 300 Caps
  • Qualities: Reach, Crippling, Bladed, Bleed

With a Melee Skill of 50 or higher, a character with a Pipe Spear can perform the following special attack:

Core Sample
  • +10 damage.
  • AP Cost: 35

Make an attack roll at a -15 to the opponents Torso (No additional penalty is taken). Should you succeed, you cause the target to bleed for 2d10 damage. This stacks with the Bleed Quality. NOTE: For use with this maneuver, the pipe spear does not have the Bladed Quality.


Pipe Spear

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