Geography of the Empire

The Northern Empire, or what remains of it, sits on the northern pole of Equestria. A nearly perfect 180-mile diameter circle carved into the frozen north, surrounded by miles of yet-boiling radioactive waste. While much of what remains has fallen to Sombra’s dark influence, decades of work since the war has seen much of this corruption contained and civilization yet moves forward. Below are lists of the cities and barricades established since the war, along with notes on areas long claimed by corruption or radiation.

Settlements Militarized Zones Corrupted Zones Irradiated Zones The following are well known landmarks and unique areas within the empire: The following are pages covering regional factions and some more intricate topics within the Northern Empire: The Year

A year in the Northern Empire is no different than any other year in Equestria, though seasons are somewhat more noticeable given the lack of cloud cover. Each year is broken in 4 seasons that each last roughly 12 weeks, or 84 days: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. each season is broken up into three four-week months:

  • Spring: February, March, April
  • Summer: May, June, July
  • Fall: August, September, October
  • Winter: November, December, January

Due to its position surrounding the north pole, available sunlight during the different seasons shifts radically. When transitioning seasons, available sunlight increases or decreases by 1 hour per day until reaching the average for the season. Available sunlight always shrinks towards noon.

  • Spring: 12 Hours per day
  • Summer: 23 Hours per day
  • Fall: 12 Hours per day
  • Winter: 1 Hour per day

Geography of the Empire

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