History of the North

During the war with Equestria, Shining Armor, commander of the Royal Guard and husband to Empress Cadance, had two problems. The first problem was the Windigos. As the war wore on, these spirit creatures encroached upon the Crystal Empire, feeding on the negative emotions of the crystal ponies and beginning to bury it in snow. The second problem was the solution to the first problem.

The Urafiki and Kicheko tribes came to the Crystal Empire seeking asylum from Rome. These two tribes had opposed the fighting with Equestria; seeking friendship and peace instead of hatred and war. The Caesar responded by cleaning house. He ordered the two tribes of Zebra exiled. Those who didn’t leave, or couldn’t leave, were killed.

Shining Armor’s greatest concern with the two zebra tribes, reduced in number but sitting on his doorstep, were spies from Rome. Both Cadence and Shining maintained a strict policy of ‘Assistance from a Distance’. Despite the couple’s close relationship with the Ministry Mares, they didn’t want to bring the fighting to them. They wanted the Crystal Empire to be a place of peace for those who lived there.

It took a couple weeks of negotiating, but the wakuu mganga of each tribe was able to reach an agreement with the young rulers. The two tribes of Zebra would help keep the Crystal Empire free of any spirit influence and be guarenteed a safe place to stay within the Empire’s borders…so long as each member of the tribe submitted to having there memories scanned by the Ministry of Arcane Science’s unicorns to be sure that no spies were among the zebra.

Since that agreement, the two zebra tribes have lived peacefully inside the Northern Empire. Indeed, any who attempt to harm the people of the West Village can expect a swift response from the Imperial Guard to this day.

History of the North

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