To most folk, Karma is an ephemeral force that punishes the wicked and rewards the righteous. As its something not easily grasped, folks in the Wasteland tend to ignore Karma except as a philosophical discussion when they get drunk.

Mechanically, Karma has the following effects:

  • Karma is a way for others in the Wasteland to hear about your deeds. Players who gain large amounts of positive and/or negative Karma can expect tales of what they did told in every settlement.
  • Dealing with individuals with similar Karma as yourself can result in boons for that character. Dealing with individuals with opposing Karma as yourself can result in penalties for that character. Usually these result in bonuses (or penalties) on Speech checks, reduced (or increased) Barter prices or other miscellaneous rewards or fines.

Karma will not exist as a way for players to be punished for actions they take. This is an attempt to make Karma matter beyond a number that qualifies (or disqualifies) you from certain perks.


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