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Once, 200 years ago, this was the Crystal Empire. Then, Equestria became broiled in a nearly world-ending war with the Zebra tribes. The Zebra, losing the war, launched megaspells of necromancy against Equestria…and her allies.

Shining Armor and Princess Cadence stayed out of the war, keeping the Crystal Empire a bastion of peace and harmony. It was a place Fluttershy could send the most heavily wounded in the fighting, those who would never fight again. Twilight Sparkle used it as a research hub. Applejack used it to test her newest weapons and armor in underground bunkers. Even Rainbow Dash had a small operating base to drill her Shadowbolts.

Somehow, the Crystal Empire survived the megaspell bombings that devastated Canterlot and the rest of Equestria. A perfect circle, a radius of 45 miles from the Crystal Palace, is untouched by the radiation and the taint that disturbs the Wasteland. 10 miles from that circle is a desolate wasteland of radiation, filled with horrors and danger that would kill even the most steadfast of adventurers. Outside of that is the snow-covered wastes and what ever stalks.

No one could have foreseen the return of Sombra. His shadow magic is interlaced with the land itself, and no one sleeps well while north of Stalliongrad. Sombra’s monoliths are warnings to the natives where his magic is thickest, where his realm starts. The temptation of Sombra’s magic is something everyone has to endure. Unicorns can cast with the power of the shadows, creating devastating effects upon there opponents. Other races find the Shadow Magic bolsters there strength and heals them quickly, but at what cost?

What will our heroes do? Will they seek out the ancient mysteries of the Crystal Empire? Will they find the truth of what happened to Princess Cadence, Shining Armor, and their children so long ago? Or will they succumb to the temptation of the shadows and become new terrors of the Wasteland? One thing is for sure…

War never changes.

Main Page

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