Weapon of the Guard

  • Offensive Spell
  • Cost:
  • Basic: 10 Strain +2 per turn.
  • Advanced: 15 Strain
  • Expert: 20 Strain
  • Duration: POT Minutes or until cancelled by the unicorn.

Choose 1 of three options: Armor Spikes, Helmet, or Shoes. This spell creates a field of force that resembles armor spikes, a helmet with a large blade fitted to your horn, or four shoes. These attacks deal the following damage and benefit from any perks that increase your unarmed damage, and the option you choose replaces any equipped weapon(s) you have in that slot. Attacks using these weapons cost 15 AP. These conjured weapons have no additional qualities:

  • Basic: 2x(STR+POT)+1d10
  • Advanced: 3x(STR+POT)+1d10
  • Expert: 4x(STR+POT)+1d10

All created equipment is considered to be in Good Condition, but does not give you bonus luck for critting.

In addition, each item has the following special ability, should you have at least a 50 in unarmed:

Armor Spikes:

  • Shatter Armor (20 AP): Gain armor piercing (light). At advanced, gain armor piercing. At expert, gain armor piercing (heavy).


  • Helm of Kings: Any charge attack you make applies the benefits of any jousting perks you have taken. In addition, it increases the benefits provided by your Endurance and you may also use Potent/Majestic Strike while making an attack with this option.


  • Royal Guard Strike (35 AP): Deal 15 extra damage. This attack has a 25% chance to cause all your opponents attacks to take a -10 penalty to hit for 2 turns.


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