In addition to the traits listed in the Revised Document, the following traits are approved for usage in this campaign:

  • One Trick Pony (Unicorn only): Unlike most Unicorns you can only cast a single spell. Lucky for you, you cast that one spell very well! You begin play with only one basic-level spell, and you cannot learn more (not even advanced, expert or Great and Powerful versions of your one spell); but you have access to the later Mighty Spell perks for that one spell, and you gain Mighty Spell (Rank 1) at sixth level for free.. Choose carefully. A One-Trick Pony can not take the Matrix Caster Perk.
  • Spread Thin (Unicorn only): Your breadth of ability is second to none. If your spells weren’t so weak, you could change the world! Your Versatility is equal to your INT and you begin play with access to all seven types of magic, however your Potency is halved (rounded up), and you cannot take Potent Caster or Resilient Caster Perks. Hope you’re creative with what you do have! You may not have both Spread Thin and One Trick Pony.
  • Backseat Driver: You were born of wealth and lived far from the taint of Shadow Magic. Your family was even wealthy enough to purchase a memory orb (and a recollector, if you aren’t a unicorn) to keep your mind safe at night. You begin play with +1 Intelligence and possession of a memory orb. On the downside, a lifetime of exposure to another pony’s memories has had a distorting effect on your psyche; you may possess a split personality, or perceive yourself to be somepony you’re not. When under conditions of extreme stress, including being reduced to 50% HP or less, this other personality takes over until you are above 50% HP again and one minute has passed. Other situations may bring forth this personality, it all depends on the memory orb.
  • Touch of Corruption: You have been continuously exposed to ambient corruption while growing up and even have lost your shadow before your parents or guardians killed it. You do not suffer the effects of ambient corruption (though you still gain it from physical contact, broken Monoliths, and all the other normal ways), but you’ve paid for this with scars and taint – lose 1 Charisma.
  • Crystal Pony, Pre-Requisite: Any Pony or Zebra

Crystal Ponies are defined, more than perhaps anything, by their ability to reflect. If they are joyous, then they shall shine for all the world to see. If they are sad, then they are dim and dark. Above all, they are easy to inspire in any direction – a shining example or an abject lesson invites a similar response among all the Crystal Ponies.

Crystal Ponies have a Virtue or a Vice – never both at the same time. Whenever a Crystal Pony with a Virtue witnesses a severe example of another pony enacting a Vice – a wrathful teacher beating a student, a proud noble ignoring an adviser – then they must either make a CHA roll at a -3 or lose their virtue and adopt that vice. The same thing happens in reverse – a hateful Crystal Raider witnessing a genuine act of kindness might begin to shine with that same light. A Crystal Pony’s mind, goals, objectives, friendships and personality are not altered by this process, just their current emotional state. A newly-Kind Raider might still kill you, except this time he’ll pat his dog afterwards. A wrathful librarian might just be a little more snippy with her customers. These changes can also be more severe and dramatic, but this is at the discretion of the player.

A Crystal Pony with a Virtue gains +10 to Speech checks. A Crystal Pony with a Vice gains +10 to Sneak checks.

Other traits may become available as time progresses.


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