Crystal Ammunition

Ammo that doesn't just kill, but it can bring 'life'...


Crystal ammunition is…peculiar. Its a chunk of a monolith that is carefully carved to prevent the monolith from shattering. This chunk of ammunition is then loaded into a ranged weapon, any weapon, and becomes the ammunition that weapon requires (with the noted exception of the BEL). The wielder gains no points of corruption for holding a weapon loaded with Crystal Ammunition.

Any damage caused by a weapon loaded with crystal ammunition also increases the targets corruption by 20% (round up) of the damage done.

Crystal ammunition is favored by snipers, especially with MEW weaponry. Such weapons do not flare with light, and have no muzzle flash. A sniper may roll Stealth at a -30 to successfully snipe an opponent while using Crystal ammunition. Should the sniper be using a silenced weapon, they instead gain a +30 when sniping.

Finally, Crystal ammunition can be enchanted using Shamanism. However, doing so has a chance of corrupting the spirit.


Crystal Ammunition

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