Tazer Slug

Better than those bean bag rounds by far!


Created by Stable 42 in an attempt to make more effective non-lethal ordinance, Tazer Rounds can drop a drug-crazed raider faster than you can say ‘Cherry-Chimichanga’!

  • Damage is as per a Slug (Reduce Shotgun damage by 10 plus 1d10, no damage loss over range).
  • All damage is Electrical Stun Damage (Damage is only reduced by Electricity Resistance, DR, and Stun DT)
  • If the target takes at least their Stun DT in damage, they must make an END check. Failure means they fall prone and lose AP equal to the amount of Stun Damage that they took for their next turn.

Cost: 4 Caps per shell.

  • These are considered Rare in all parts of the Wasteland and Northern Empire outside of Stable 42. They are sold at Stable 42 in limited quantities.
  • The perk Ammo Crafter does not let you create this type of Shotgun ammunition.

Tazer Slug

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