Armor Mods

Armor can be modded in three seperate areas. These areas are Aesthetic, Physical and Reinforcement. All mods may only be applied once, and armor that has the ‘Power Armor’ Rule can only be modded with the Custom Fit, Quick Release and all Aesthetic mods but the Auto-Injector.


Name Description Restriction Price
Chatelaine Chatelaine May not be combined with Camoflauge 100 Caps
Camouflage Gives +5 to Stealth in a noted environment. If worn with a Chatelaine, cost is doubled. 100 Caps
Mystic Inks Gives +10 to Stealth Very Rare, can not be used with MoM Assassin Armor 100% of Modded Armor
Auto-Injector Allows for a free usage of a drug or potion per round. Very Rare, requires a Pipbuck 200% of Modded Armor


Name Description Restriction Price
Custom Fit Reduce Agility Penalty of Armor by 1 for the one it is made for, +1 Agility Penalty for all other characters. This mod may be done multiple times (till an armor has no agility penalty). Requires Mechanics 75 and may not be done in the field. This mod may not be removed and put on other armors. 50% cost of modded armor.
Fully Enclosed Wearer gains 50% poison resistance against airborn threats. Armor must have a helmet 75% of Modded Armor
Air Tank Fully Enclosed armors count as Environmentally Sealed for 2 hours. Tank may be refilled at a workbench. Requires Mechanics 50. Increases weight by 5 pounds. Only benefits Fully Enclosed Armors, Rare 25% of Modded Armor
Servo Harness Adds servos to assist in movement. Armor accounts for 50% of its wieght, armor is now treated as ‘Power Armor’ for the purpose of Anti-Matrix. Medium or Heavy Armor Only 50% of Modded Armor Cost
Quick Release May spend 50 AP to get out of armor. None 25% of Modded Armor Cost
Lantern Helmet Upgrade Armor Grants +1 PER and has a Light (Treat as the Light Spell with a 1 POT) None 25% of Modded Armor Cost
Integrated Gas Mask Armor now has a Talon Gas Mask which fits the wearer May not be used with Integrated Nightvision Goggles, requires purchasing a Talon Gas Mask 100 Caps
Integrated Nightvision Goggles Armor now has Nightvision Goggles May not be used with Integrated Gas Mask, requires purchasing Nightvision Goggles 100 Caps


Unless otherwise noted, Armor may only benefit from one reinforcement mod.

Name Description Restriction Price
Ablative Plating +10% DR, extra DR is lost after first crit. +3 Weight Does not stack with Dragonscale Plating 25% of Modded Armor
Dragonscale Plating Grants 10% DR, +10 Weight Very, Very Rare, requires 100 Mechanics 200% Modded Armor Cost
Gecko Skin Padding +10 Resistance Type. May be applied multiple times, each time to a different resistance Rare 25% Armor Cost
Plating Kit +2 DT, -1 Move Speed (-2 Sprinting, etc) Heavy Armor Only 25% Modded Armor Cost
Light Armor Reinforcement Kit +4 DT, Light Armor becomes Medium Light Armor Only, can not benefit from Medium Reinforcement Mod Kit 25% Modded Armor Cost
Medium Armor Reinforcement Kit +3 DT, Medium becomes Heavy Medium Armor Only 25% Modded Armor Cost

Armor Mods

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