Alicorns. Creatures created through a process known only to the Goddess. Magic for these creatures is both Pegasus and Unicorn in nature. However, unlike the natural occurring magic for these two races, Alicorn magic is slightly more…artificial…in nature.

An Alicorn’s access to Unicorn magic is limited. They start play with an unlocked spell set (known as their base spell set), but must spend their first three spell choices on Telekinesis, their racial spell, and Alicorn Shield. Should they have a high enough Versatility, they may pick up a spell or two from the their base spell set. In order to learn more spells, the Alicorn needs to take the perk Additional Spell Vocation (chosen spell set) or Additional Spell Count.

One of the major differences between Unicorns and Alicorns is that an Alicorn does not need training to gain access to a spell set. They take the perk (Additional Vocation) and must follow the rules as listed in the perk.

The other major difference between Unicorns and Alicorns is that an Alicorn can not learn spells as rapidly as a Unicorn can. The potential to cast any spell, excluding the Great and Powerful spells, is locked within the Alicorn’s genetic code. The Goddess granted an Alicorn the ability to cast a given spell, and only she (it?) knows how to unlock an Alicorn’s spells at-will. However, an Alicorn can, with time and effort, slowly gain access to that locked away knowledge. This is reflected in the Alicorn Perk Additional Spell Count. This, certain magical artifacts, and the Goddess are the only ways for an Alicorn to learn additional spells.

Great and Powerful spells are the exception to the above rule. If an Alicorn understands how the Great and Powerful spell works (A successful Science check at no penalty), they gain access to that spell (and gain the quest perk Great and Powerful (Spell Name)).


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