Character Sheet

Sheet Changes

In order to combat the problem of starting at level 1, the following changes have been made:

  • Your skills are calculated using the formula 2 times Stat plus Luck.
  • You receive skill points at first level.
  • Egghead provides its bonuses at the level taken.
  • Height is calculated as follows: 3 ft plus 1 through 10 inches. A d10 may be rolled instead of choosing a number if you wish to randomize it.
  • Weight is calculated as follows: 75 pounds plus 5 pounds per inch. For instance, the average pony is 3 foot 5 inches, and weighs 100 pounds.
  • Small Frame reduces height by 6 inches, and weight by 25 pounds.
  • Large Frame increases height by 6 inches, and weight by 25 pounds.

Your character sheet is available at the following link. Please fill out the character sheet and then create a new character on the character’s tab. Copy the information on the sample sheet and fill it out, this will create a reference for me when I am building encounters.

Character Sheet

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