A full list of perks can be found at this link. Noted here are the changes to the perks list from the one that is linked.

Note: Not Yet Complete.

New Perks

Name Level Ranks Special Requirements Skill Requirements Description
Tough Hide 4 3 - - The brutal experiences of the Equestrian Wasteland have hardened you. You gain +2 to Damage Threshold and +4 to your DT against Stun Damage for each level of this perk you take. Mastery: Gain 5% DR.
No…I…WON’T!!! 4 Special - AGI 6, CHA 4, not Random Whether through careful training, a touch of magic, or just by being extra stubborn, creatures find it more difficult to move you around. For every rank of this perk, you gain a +2 STR to resist being moved against your will, whether by magical or mundane means. All races can take this perk twice. Earth Ponies and Zebra can take this perk three times.
Mad Bomber 6 1 - Mechanics 45, Science 45 When using Explosives, you are twice as likely to recover scrap metal from used explosives. All explosives ammunition, grenades, and mine recipes are unlocked (with the exclusion of explosives based on schematics, such as Bottle Cap Mines) at workbenches.
  • Knight in Shining Armor’s Mastery Bonus grants an additional 5% DR in addition to its current benefits.

Earth Pony

The master of specialists.

Name Level Ranks Special Requirements Skill Requirements Description
Don’t touch that! 2 1 Explosives 35 - Your luck with explosives is legendary. Characters with this perk who fail to set an explosive properly will know immediately, and that explosive will not go off or detonate – it will be reset, so the Earth Pony can try again.
Earth Pony Magic (Artisan) 4 1 CHA 4, not Random - You really do put a bit of yourself in your work, and with amazing results. Any time you use Ah Fixed It!, improve an item at least three conditions (such as heavily used to perfect), or create an item from a schematic, the item gains a 50% chance to avoid any degredation (such as from rolling a critical failure). In addition, the item is under the effect of the spell Resilience when cast at Expert Level.

Removed/Changed Perks:

  • Rooted has been removed.


The best mercenaries in the Wasteland…if you got the caps.

Name Level Ranks Special Requirements Skill Requirements Description
Lock, Stock, and Barrel 2 1 - Firearms 40 You have learned how to keep your guns in proper working order. Your firearms have a 75% not to jam when jamming would normally occur.

Removed Perks:

  • Evasion has been removed.


Like a leaf that controls the wind, watch how they soar!

Name Level Ranks Special Requirements Skill Requirements Description

Removed Perks:

  • Evasion has been removed.
  • Crash Landing has had its wording changed. It now specified melee or unarmed attack, and that the buck maneuver can be used with it.


Take what you have on hoof and put it to good use.

Name Level Ranks Special Requirements Skill Requirements Description
Matrix Caster 2 1 INT 7, CHA 5 - You know how to use spell matrices to cooperatively cast spells.  Likewise, you and at least one other Matrix Caster may attempt to cast using an ancient spell matrix structure provided you know the base spell it was designed for.  Finally, you may cast from any spell matrix recovered using the strain cost of the spell and your Potency and Versatility. A One Trick Pony may not take this perk.
Versatile Caster 2 Special - - Your talent for magic is greater than most. You gain +1 to your Versatility for purposes of calculating the effects of your spells. This does not affect the number of spells you learn when choosing new spells via perks. This Perk may be taken up to five times with the following restrictions: the second rank of the perk becomes available at level 6, the third at level 10, the fourth at level 14 and the fifth at level 18.
True, True Friends 10 1 Spells: Bonds of Friendship (Advanced) - Whenever you cast a non-damaging spell on a target that is under the effect of your Bonds of Friendship spell, the strain cost of that spell is reduced by 20, to a minimum of half the strain cost of the spell. This stacks with Zen Casting. In the case of a spell’s strain cost increasing because of multiple targets (such as Teleport), you reduce the cost to bring each of your friends along by half.

Removed Perks:

  • Additional Spell Count has been made into an Alicorn-only perk.
  • Additional Vocation has been made into an Alicorn-only perk.
  • Vocational Training (Spell Set) has become a quest perk. It allows a unicorn to unlock a spell set with training, as if they had taken Additional Vocation, but they gain no additional spells.


Fight with all of Nature’s Fury, by hoof and by spear.

Name Level Ranks Special Requirements Skill Requirements Description
Pressure Points 6 3 - Melee/Unarmed 40 You have learned the art of devastating your opponents in martial combat. When you target and hit the body part of an opponent, you deal an additional 2d10 damage to that body part (not to the total HP of the person).
Penetrating Strike 8 1 - Melee/Unarmed 60 All melee or unarmed attacks you make ignore 5 DT. This stacks with Piercing Hoof/Piercing Strike.
Blessed by Nature 12 1 - Barter 60, Survival 60 You find yourself being able to make do with less. Any alchemical creation you make requires 1 less of each component (minimum 1) and any talismans you enchant cost 25% less beauty to create.
Hoof of the Ancestors 16 1 Pressure Points, Strong Buck Melee/Unarmed 80 You have learned where to hit your opponents to lock there limbs and prevent them from fighting back. When ever you hit an opponent with the unarmed skill, you have a 33% chance of paralyzing your opponent for 5 rounds.
  • Evasion has been removed.


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