The following details relevant rules information regarding each player race. It should be noted that all races have two tag skills, and races with a Special Talent have a third tag skill that is related to that character’s special talent.

Earth Pony

  • Earth Ponies get a free perk at level 1. They must qualify for this perk in all aspects but level, and they can not take a perk that has a required level greater than 4.
  • An Earth Pony has a special talent.
  • An Earth Pony may use the skill tagged with the special talent to create schematics. These schematics must be related to the Earth Pony’s special talent.


  • Pegasi can fly, and gain Flight (Rank 1) at first level.
  • Pegasi can interact and manipulate clouds and use weather magic.
  • Pegasi have wings.
  • Pegasi can have a special talent.


  • Unicorns can cast spells, and start play with a primary Spell Set.
  • A Unicorn has the following additional statistics: Strain, Versatility, and Potency.
  • Unicorns can have a Special Talent.
  • Unicorns start play with a number of spells equal to there Versatility. These spells must be from their primary Spell Set and/or related to their special talent.


  • Zebras can any potion from the Basic Alchemy List assuming they have the ingredients and meet the requirements for that potion.
  • Zebras can practice Shamanism if they take the Shamanism trait.
  • Zebra may speak Zebrican, the racial language of Zebras.
  • Zebras can have a special talent.


  • Griffins can fly, and start with the perk Flight (Rank 2).
  • Griffins can manipulate and interact with clouds.
  • Griffins have talons and do an additional 1d10 damage when using bare talons in combat.
  • Griffins may use items from their inventory for half the AP cost.
  • Griffins have Wings.


  • Alicorns have wings and can fly. Alicorns start with the flight aptitudes of pegasi and the magical aptitudes of unicorns. They begin with Versatility, Potency, Strain and Trick Points. They may take unicorn and pegasus racial perks, but may not take pegasus-only Pegasus Trick perks.
  • Alicorns start with no cutie mark and only two Tagged skills. During play, an alicorn character may discover their special talent, gaining her cutie mark and an associated Tagged Skill. (Players should work with their GM on when and how this may occur.)
  • Alicorns are extremely homogeneous. All alicorns must take the Large Frame and Radiation Child traits (excluding them from taking any other traits).
  • Alicorns have three breeds, each with an associated spell. Blue (Invisibility), Purple (Teleportation) and Green (Telepathy). Green alicorns can also combine their spellcasting with other Green alicorns for greater effect, but at the cost of absolute concentration.
  • Alicorns are required to fill their initial magical skill slots with their breed spell (first), Alicorn Shield and Telekinesis. Only after these three spells have been taken may they take spells of their own choice. These three spells are considered to be Alicorn “Racial Spells”.
  • Alicorns have +1 bonus to Potency when casting their Alicorn Racial Spells. (This can raise their effective Potency for those spells to a maximum of 11.)
  • Alicorns are immune to Taint.


  • A ghoul can be a member of any race (except Alicorn). This requires taking the Ghoul Trait.

Dragon Hatchlings

  • Dragon Hatchlings are rare, and as such may only be played with GM permission.
  • More information can be found here.

Other Races

It is important to note here that, while inspiration for this campaign has been taken from Thanqol, not everything in the topic is accurate. I won’t prevent you from reading the topic in detail, but I wouldn’t take it as the word of God.


Walrus tend to be the size of ponies and are amazing swimmers. They have the ability to clear ice and dirt with their massive tusks, and are indifferent about the cold. Walrus live a long time, with their oldest being alive since before the war. With the long lifespan, Walrus tend to run mercantile matters for both the Legion and the Empire.


You can also encounter a variety of other races, but they are not common and thus will not be listed here.


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