Severing Limbs

A character having their limb severed is a rare occurrence. Such an event typically only happens when the character is already suffering from a crippled limb and sees the limb take sufficient damage to cripple it additional times. A GM may call upon a character to make an Endurance or Luck check to prevent iterative crippling from severing a limb, though Endurance checks (and possibly Luck checks eventually) should suffer from cumulative penalties with each check made until the limb is fixed or finally severed. A sufficiently powerful critical hit, a character dropping below zero hit points when suffering such damage, or other catastrophic event may impose additional penalties.

A character may also obviously have a limb severed by explosions or other sources of limb damage after dropping to zero hit points or being kept helpless (such as if being tortured). A character should still be granted an Endurance or Luck check to prevent such an event, often at an initial bonus though cumulative penalties for iterative checks may still apply.

Horns, though uniquely resilient as compared to other limbs, sever much more readily against strikes to their weak points. If a horn is crippled through a critical hit, the horn is shattered immediately, with no check to resist. A crippled horn may otherwise make checks to resist shattering as a normal limb resists being severed, though critical hits when suffering an iterative crippling will still immediate shatter the horn.

A character who unfortunately suffers a severed limb can expect blinding pain fairly immediately, and severe pain and distractions for some time thereafter. A character who has lost a limb suffers a -50 on all actions for 24 hours and a -20 penalty to all actions for one week thereafter. An unicorn or alicorn with a shattered horn suffers a -20 penalty to all actions for one week, has her Potency reduced to 0, and cannot cast spells. A GM may call for an END check at an appropriate penalty for characters attempting to take significant or strenuous actions during this period (especially the first day). Painkillers and other analgesics may be used by a skilled healer (Moderate Medicine check) to reduce these penalties by 50% or to induce medicated sleep during these times.

A character who survives the severing of their limb is far from hopeless. Severed limbs can be re-attached with a Very Hard medical check made within proper surgical facilities within around 6 hours after dismemberment, though conditions may increase or decrease this time. Certain medical spells and alchemical creations may alternately be used to reattach the limb within this time. Disintegrated or completely destroyed limbs cannot be replaced so easily. Fortunately, specific unicorn magics can regrow a limb, as can extremely advanced alchemy. Additionally, cybernetics can be used to provide a fully functional replacement, advanced robotics can be used to create a partially functional mechanical replacement, and basic medicine can provide a simple low-functionality prosthetic. There may certainly be additional unique magics or devices available to regrow or replace a limb.

A character with a reattached limb may attempt an Endurance roll at a penalty of -3 once per week, success indicates they regain full use of the limb. An alicorn or unicorn whose shattered (or otherwise lost) horn has been repaired may make an Endurance roll at a penalty of -3 each day to regain a point of lost Potency.

Severing Limbs

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