Sombra’s Curse has an interesting side effect on anyone who lives in The Northern Empire. It empowers individuals for a time, granting increasingly more powerful boons as an individual becomes more corrupt. However, once an individual hits the pinnacle of corruption, they will find themselves in danger of losing themselves to it.

This page is dedicated to the mechanical effects of Corruption. For the RP aspects of Corruption and Shadow Magic, check out Sombra’s Curse.

Day to Day Effects

Sombra’s whispers fill the minds of everyone in the Northern Empire. The only way to block this out is to be under the influence of a memory orb created from after Sombra was banished, but before he returned. This has created a unique market, where the longer a Memory Orb goes, the greater the price. For those without the caps, their sleep is fitful. They suffer under the following effects:

  • Healing from Sleep is halved (round up).
  • When getting good sleep, Griffins, Pegasi and Alicorns generate one less Trick Point an hour.
  • Sombra’s whispers effect spellcasters the worst. Unicorns and Alicorns generate 5 less strain per hour at all times.

New Mechanic: Corruption

  • All players begin the game with a new stat to keep track of: Corruption.
  • All players begin the game with 0 Corruption Points.
  • Corruption works similar to Radiation. The effects change as the character gains more Corruption Points.
  • Each race has different effects depending on how many Corruption points they have gained.

Gaining Corruption

Corruption can be gained in a variety of ways. They are:

Combat Methods

  • Every time you are hit by, or stand in the presence of a Manifestation or similar powerful Shadow Magic Creature, you will gain a varied amount of Corruption (Similar to the radiation gained from a Glowing one or a unique ghoul).


  • Eating or drinking from these Corrupted sources will give you varying amounts of Corruption (similar to radiation).
  • Certain areas are filled with Corruption, and just taking a walk through these areas can be hazardous to your soul. You can gain a varied amount of corruption by just being in the environment. Areas containing a Monolith are always highly corrupt, and get moreso the closer a pony gets to the Monolith itself. Touching a Monolith is about as wise as hugging an active reactor and just as good for your health.
  • Shattering a Monolith causes the Corruption inside to coalesce into a grey-black fog. This fog will seek out the nearest living creature, and cause that creature to gain 250 Corruption.


  • Earth Ponies can call upon Sombra’s magic to empower themselves. This is called Shadow Empowerment. For 30 Corruption, an Earth Pony can gain +10 to their Special Talent skill and +5 DT. This lasts for a number of rounds equal to the Earth Pony’s [END+CHA]/2. This costs 35 AP to activate, and the skill bonus may break the cap.
  • Alicorns and Unicorns can Shadow Cast. For a Corruption Cost equal to the Strain Cost of the spell, they cast the spell. The caster does not expend strain, and the caster can Shadow Cast at any time. The spell may be altered in appearance by the infusion of Shadow Magic.
  • Alicorns, Griffins and Pegasi can charge a Trick with Shadow Magic. These are called Shadow Tricks. For a cost of [10 x (Trick Points)] in Corruption, this trick is performed. No Trick Points or Stun Damage is gained, and the Trick’s appearance may be altered by the infusion of Shadow Magic.
  • Zebras and Griffins can call upon Sombra’s magic to become warriors of Shadow. This is called Shadow Boxing. For 30 Corruption, a Zebra can gain +1d10 damage on all melee and unarmed attacks and a +10 to stealth checks. This lasts for a number of rounds equal to the Zebra’s [END+CHA]/2. This costs 35 AP to activate, and the skill bonus may break the cap.
  • For 30 Corruption, the baby dragon may breathe out a gout of dark flame. Shadow Flame deals damage and has range as per the baby dragon’s regular flame breath. This attack costs 40 AP and the baby dragon may perform any other attack in the same turn. The baby dragon must make a successful Charisma check to use this attack again, this check is made once per round every round after using Shadow Flame. Any perk, item, or effect that would alter the baby dragon’s flame breath also alters Shadow Flame.

Corruption Effects

Sombra’s Curse is insidious. It offers itself to any and all who would wish to use it, and the power gained is sublime. Though, all power has a cost. The effects of using Shadow Magic cause the user to gain Corruption. As the user gains more Corruption, the effects are increased.

All Corruption effects can break any cap and stack with themselves.

Race Corruption Amount Effect
Earth Pony 0-249 No Effect
Earth Pony 250-499 +1 END
Earth Pony 500-749 +1 END
Earth Pony 750-999 Shadow’s Gift
Unicorn 0-249 No Effect
Unicorn 250-499 +1 POT
Unicorn 500-749 +1 POT
Unicorn 750-999 Shadow’s Gift
Pegasus 0-249 No Effect
Pegasus 250-499 Shadow’s Flight (I)
Pegasus 500-749 Shadow’s Flight (II)
Pegasus 750-999 Shadow’s Gift
Zebra 0-249 No Effect
Zebra 250-499 +1 STR
Zebra 500-749 +1 STR
Zebra 750-999 Shadow’s Gift
Griffin 0-249 No Effect
Griffin 250-499 +1 PER
Griffin 500-749 +1 PER
Griffin 750-999 Shadow’s Gift
Alicorn 0-249 No Effect
Alicorn 250-499 Shadowed Flight (I)
Alicorn 500-749 +1 POT
Alicorn 750-999 Shadow’s Gift
Baby Dragon 0-249 No Effect
Baby Dragon 250-499 Shadowed Flame (I)
Baby Dragon 500-749 Shadowed Flame (II)
Baby Dragon 750-999 Shadow’s Gift
  • Shadow’s Flight: Your flight is cloaked in shadow. Consider your flight rank to be one higher for all effects based on it. However, enemies only take half the penalty to hit you at Ranks 3 and 4.
  • Shadowed Flame: Your size is one higher and you add your level for determining the damage your breath weapon does.

Shadow’s Gift

The gift of Shadows is always different for each race. However, it always results in a significant power boost to that race…should they be willing to partake in just a little more of the darkness.

  • In addition to your racial ability, if you come under the effect of Shadow’s Gift you gain the following bonus: For every 1 point of Corruption you take, you heal for 2 HP to your hit point pool and to the hit point pool of all your limbs. This does not count as a spell.
  • Earth Pony: If the Earth Pony is willing to double the amount of Corruption they take, they double all bonuses they gain for Shadow Empowerment as well as an additional 2 Endurance.
  • Unicorns and Alicorns: If the caster is willing to double the spell’s strain cost for the purposes of Shadow Casting, the Potency of the spell is increased by 4.
  • Pegasi and Alicorns: If you are willing to double the Corruption gained from a Shadow Trick, the AP required for you to move is halved for 1 round per Trick Point the trick would normally use.
  • Griffins and Zebra: If you are willing to double the Corruption gained from using Shadow Boxing, they double all bonuses they gain for Shadow Boxing. Zebra gain an additional +2 STR, while Griffins gain +2 PER and the ability to see in darkness at no penalty.
  • Baby Dragons: If they are willing to double the corruption gained from using Shadow Flame, you increase the fire and burn damage of your breath by 2d10 and deal an extra d10 of fire damage on all natural attacks for the next 2 rounds as the black flame lingers over your body.

Removing Corruption

Corruption has one way to be removed: Exposure to direct sunlight. For every hour a character spends in the sun, they remove 5 Corruption. That’s it. Different seasons have different amounts of available sunlight.

  • Spring: 12 Hours
  • Summer: 23 Hours
  • Fall: 12 Hours
  • Winter: 1 Hour

Additionally, you may remove Corruption by accumulating 1000 points of Corruption, and Manifesting your shadow. This has its downsides, however.


Manifesting occurs whenever a sentient creature accumulates 1000 corruption points. They automatically take half there HP pool in damage to there HP and to all there limbs. They are reset to 0 corruption and may begin accumulating corruption again. However, the Manifested Shadow will try to kill the creature they manifested from, consuming its corpse and becoming a True Manifestation.

A creature who has Manifested and survives the encounter has their body covered in a variety of scars. They take a point of Charisma damage as there mind and soul heal. This point of Charisma damage heals in one month, however this healing can be quickened with spells such as Speed Recovery and Purge Systems. A potion of Life’s Breath may also quicken this process, as well as sleeping in a bedroll shamaned with a Spirit of Kindness or wearing a cloak imbued with a Spirit of Friendship.


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